How to Be Your Authentic Self in Business

You see, in order to authentically share my message in a way that would have an impact on my audience, I had to completely let go of my drive to “perform.” But, let me tell you, the “performance” drive was so ingrained in me it took a lot of “undoing” for me to release the expectations I had on myself (and any expectation I thought my audience was putting on me).

Honestly, I used to worry about every detail of my performance, as if there were still a panel of discerning judges waiting to critique my every move.

Ahhhh, but there WAS a panel of extremely critical judges in my OWN mind; until I learned how to be completely 100% authentic, transparent, honest and open when I am “on stage” and off! This authenticity completely eliminated my drive to “perform” and also got rid of the judges in my head while making a HUGE difference in the impact and connection I have with my audience.

So, what does it look like to give up your performance and step into your authenticity… in business?! Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll share some examples from my own experiences in hopes these will give you a glimpse of how to be your authentic self in YOUR business.

Speak From Your Heart

In my desire to help more people and make a difference when I speak, I did a lot of research to discover the “style” in which to speak so I could make a lasting connection with my audience. I studied with a few mentors that were considered by many to be the “masters” in the field of speaking. These experts had their talks down to a science. Literally; every gesture, every joke, every inflection in their voice, every nod and smile were perfectly executed.

However, these types of presentations always felt sleazy and calculated to me; as if the speaker didn’t really care about the audience. Needless to say, I quickly dismissed what I learned from them and decided to find my own voice! And that’s the best way for you to share your authentic self, too.

Finding your own voice requires you to connect with yourself, connect with the love in your heart and the light you want to share with others. Yes, it’s important to have a few key points in mind to talk about, but what truly gets your audience on board (whether it’s 1 person or 1000 people) is how they FEEL when you’re talking. Here are some questions to think about from the perspective of your audience/your listener:

Do they feel that you truly care about them? Do you come across as authentic to them? Do they feel like you have their best interest in mind? Do you show up as the same person on stage as you do when you’re off stage? Are you aligned with your message? Do you feel “real” to them (rather than polished and perfect)?

These things are what truly matter to every person you talk to in your business. Take some time to contemplate these questions to best assess where you stand now in being authentic with your clients, prospects and audience members.

And, remember, when you forget about what you think you “should” be doing and focus on speaking from your heart, your authentic self shows up… every time!

Customer’s Loyalty and Incentive Program Schemes

This paves for a long way to the growth of your market no matter how small your business is! You always want your business to expand and prosper! So how can you do that without giving authentic and value packed rewards program to your customers? Such incentive programs are indeed the real cream that would keep your customer from coming to you!

Increase your customer acquisition total through rapid sharing of your rewards program. Make your programs accountable and accessible for those who are your regular customers. Make special allowances and significant ways to make holiday season feel more benevolent and crisp. Let the goodness flow in sweet and small ways that make your customers feel treated well. This way they will keep coming back to you and make sure that they are always yours! We are looking for ways to make our lives meaningful? So think how you can make your customer’s day meaningful and valuable? You don’t have to cut back on your profits or have to make it larger than you can!

All you have to do is just make that extra special yet meaningful way you can put some real show of appreciation to your customers! So make allowance for a corner in your business plans that have room for this! Be creative with your ideas and you will find that you don’t have to go too far to keep the good vibes on with loyal customers. Sales and freebies are in fact great ways to show that touch of special endeavors in their lives. Do some spring cleaning in your shop and get rid of old stocks and make way for the new. Treat your customers in an esteemed way and you will always reap back the same!

Having a way to receive feedback of your services and products is a great way to understand the needs of your customers. You wish to keep your customers right? So it is essential that you know what it is that they want. It is primary to keep a feedback corner in your shop and also in your website. This way you can update and promote your stocks accordingly and your loyal customers stay your own. You can install free feedback services in your mails as well as send auto resending mails to keep track of your customers’ feedbacks. These are wonderful tools to analyze the state of your business and where you stand with your customers. These when taken positively, work as wonderful sources of critical reception, pointing you towards places where you would like to improve.